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Green energy is gaining real currency in the construction industry – particularly in and around London, where safer radiant heat sources (you’ll sometimes hear these referred to as “happy heat”) and ecologically sound forms of home energy control are becoming the norm for new builds. The green stamp is often put on new boiler installations – saving money and boosting heat efficiency all round. If your boiler breaks, or starts to act up, it can be financially and ecologically advisable to think about having a green boiler installation.

In some cases, of course, the cost of a full installation rather than a repair will be prohibitive: and your plumber will be able to fix your existing boiler to a perfect standard. Where the cost of a full new installation is not out of the question, it can represent a real investment for your future – both in terms of the costs of running your home, and the diminished impact on the environment.

The green boiler is coded as Type L by the Building Regulations. Type L boilers are high efficiency condensing units that save significant amounts of money and energy in their annual power use. When you combine a green boiler installation with a power flush of your heating system you can jack up the efficiency of your energy use by a dramatic amount: the power flush rids the pipes in your system of the accumulated gunk and junk that builds up over the years, leaving a clear pathway for heated water. As a result you’ll get no dead spots or cold places – and you won’t hear that banging sound when the heating turns itself on.

If your pipes are making noises when the heating activates, you would be well advised to think about a diagnostic visit from your plumber. He or she will recommend a boiler repair if necessary.

Choosing between repair and installation isn’t always easy. On the one hand you have the cheaper immediate cost of repair: combined with the knowledge that if you are repairing an older system, then your boiler is going to be using more expensive energy than it needs to, and of course is going to fail completely at some point later on. On the other hand, a new boiler will cost more in the short term but can pay for itself many times over as the years progress.

Overall, your money is best spent on an installation – which will give you years of ideal service and low energy use. Book a boiler installation including a power flush and your heating will help your wallet and your carbon footprint.

A green boiler installation can increase the heating efficiency of your home: particularly when you include a power flush for your existing pipes.