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We’ve all had to call a plumber out at four in the morning; we’ve all needed a new boiler; and we’ve all had experiences that have made us wonder whether we’ve managed to pick the right plumber for the job. The trouble is, until you’ve called your plumber and had the work done it can be very hard to know whether he or she is charging the right price, or is doing the work properly. Choosing a plumber in London doesn’t have to feel like a lottery: you just have to know what you are looking for.

Picking the right plumber is a matter of preparation. Why wait until you need one to start researching the plumbers in your area? Go online and research the plumbing companies and services nearest to you. Find out who your friends and colleagues have used and are happy with. Do searches for London plumbers and investigate the services they offer.

Look for evidence of industry standard qualifications. Obviously your plumber has to be Gas SAFE; but you’ll be able to find plenty of other qualification standards that set the good ones apart from the crowd. Look for Logic certifications, City and Guilds Awards and make specific certifications for boiler work. Your plumber in London relationship will start with confidence when you know that the company you use is properly certified in the right areas.

Look for versatility. You’ll need a plumber at various times throughout your life in London, for what could be completely different things: repairs; installations; maintenance; and annual servicing. You want to be sure that the plumber you choose is capable of performing all of the jobs that you are likely to require – and that his or her pricing is uniformly fair for all of them.

Be wary of any plumber in London that offers a flat price on his or her website. Obviously different jobs require differing amounts of time and work – so the fairest prices, and the best work, that you will get are the ones that are quoted according to each individual job. If you get seduced by a plumber offering a flat fee for work you may find that work gets rushed to make the job worthwhile for the plumber.

Given that plumbing often involves messing around with hidden pipes – which in turn can require the removal of tiling or wall pieces – you would do well to find a plumber in London who can offer tiling services as well as plumbing. Remember: versatility is the key!

Finding a plumber in London doesn’t have to be hard – you just need to prepare yourself in advance. Do your research and you’ll be happy with the results.