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Are you thinking about buying a beautiful home in South West London but have been worried about the possibly antiquated boiler heating system and have lot of questions about the boilers including-

  • How does boiler provide heat?
  • Why should I service my boiler?
  • Does my boiler need repair?
  • How often should I service my boiler?
  • Do I even need to service my boiler at all?
  • What could happen if I don’t get my boiler serviced?

Well, Boiler Engineer 4U LTD answers all the questions you have about the boilers. We understand the importance of a properly functioning and well-maintained boiler. Our expert technicians provide advanced boiler maintenance and repair services as well.

Boilers fulfill the heating needs by generating radiant heat

It is an essential component of the central heating unit of your home as it provides heat to your home and needs regular servicing and maintenance. You can either have a boiler that set thermostat at a lower temperature so that radiant heat make the area feel warmer than the actual air temperature or you can have a boiler that provide more balanced heat throughout the home.

Important things to know about the boiler heating system

  • The boiler should be of standard efficiency or high-efficiency model. Standard efficiency is generally vented in a metal pipe. A high-efficiency boiler model should be vented in PVC pipe, either off the top or to the side of the boiler.
  • Check the kind of radiation you have in the boiler baseboard or cast iron radiators and choose the one which is most suitable as per the usage.
  • How are you going to manage the maintenance schedule of the boiler? This one is perhaps the most important part to be taken into consideration.

Boiler repair services we offer

  • Thorough inspection to make sure that the boiler is operating safely.
  • Checking the boiler for corrosion and leaks
  • Gas pressure checks of the boiler to ensure it is operating at the correct pressure
  • A check to ensure no unsafe emissions are being released and combustion is satisfactory
  • Cleansing of the boiler

Below are the top reasons why you should service your boiler annually with Boiler Engineer 4U LTD

  • A safety measure: A faulty or a poorly maintained boiler can be extremely dangerous to you and your family. Leaking boilers emit the hazardous carbon monoxide gas which can seriously affect the health. At Boiler Engineer 4U LTD, we have Gas Safe qualified boiler engineers who will regularly check and fix any leaks or weak points during the regular boiler service.
  • Help you save money on expensive boiler repairs: Availing the periodic maintenance services from Boiler Engineer 4U LTD make sure that your boiler is working correctly and help you save money on future boiler repairs. Our crew of boiler engineers is fully qualified and trained and can fix any minor or major boiler issue.
  • Substantially reduce the power bills: Fully qualified and professionally trained boiler engineers of the Boiler Engineer 4U LTD will make sure that your boiler is running at its optimal efficiency which eventually helps you save you money on your power bills.

Why choose us for your boiler needs

Reputable and trusted boiler engineers
We have the most trusted boiler, gas and central heating engineers in your area to fulfill all your boiler needs.

Gas Safe Register accreditation
All our central heating engineers and boiler engineers are Gas Safe Register-accredited which is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom and is a legal requirement.

What makes our boiler repair services unique?

  • We understand the importance and the everyday utility of the boiler in your house, and hence we prioritize arriving on time and completely take over the situation to let you enjoy your peace of mind.
  • Boiler Engineer 4U LTD technicians provide exceptional boiler repair services at fair and transparent prices.
  • We take end-to-end responsibility for the task at hand and leave your place neat and clean post the job completion.
  • All our boiler technicians are Gas safe registered and fully trained on the boiler repair and maintenance needs.
  • At Boiler Engineer 4U LTD, we only use the latest tools, equipment, and fine quality parts for all our boiler repairs with a 12-month warranty on all the parts used.