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Homeowners and landlords can be put off the idea of installing a new boiler. Often that’s simply because the received wisdom in the UK has always been that new boilers are horrendously expensive. That’s never really been true. The expense of continually repairing an unreliable boiler, not to mention the hike in energy bills it can cause, is normally huge – and now your boiler installation London is able to take advantage of a number of new technologies, you get even more efficiency for your money.

As a landlord, you are legally required to keep your properties heated with a boiler system that meets modern health and safety requirements. In order to do that you need to have your boiler installation London checked regularly. The outlay involved in having your old boiler serviced and repaired can often make it more financially sensible to get a new unit installed in its place.

If you have an energy efficient boiler installed in your property, you’ll end up paying less for your heating. If that boiler is fitted as part of a whole new system the heating costs will go down even more. The more new heating technology you install, the less your energy bills should amount to.

That doesn’t mean that you have to chuck everything out and start again, of course. Far from it. You can start with an energy efficient boiler installation London and a power flush, which should remove any rust, dust and sludge from the pipes and radiators. Ponce your system has been flushed, the new boiler will need to do less work to pump hot water through the system – meaning it uses even less energy, lasts longer and is more efficient.

A heating system inevitably builds up detritus in its workings over time. The older your radiators and pipes and the longer they have gone since their last power flushing, the more chance there is that your heating’s performance will be being severely compromised. Ensure that you have a system check and power flush when your energy efficient boiler installation London is completed and you should experience trouble free heating (provided you stick to the recommended service schedule) for years.

With the cost of energy threatening to go up yet again, the amount that you pay to keep your property or properties warm has never been more of a hot topic. Remember that your central heating system is the heart of a home or a commercial premises – if that heart isn’t beating properly then everything else starts to get affected too. A new boiler installation London could, in the long run, save you money, time and energy not only in heating system maintenance but in the maintenance and comfort of your whole property.

A new energy efficient boiler installation London could end up saving you time, money and energy on heating bills – and in maintenance for your whole property.