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A gas engineers London service can provide a number of services for commercial and domestic properties. In either environment, of course, it is imperative that the gas system and appliances are completely safe; in commercial or rented environments, it’s also a legal requirement to have up to date certification on all the gas pipes and units that the property uses.

GAS SAFE registered gas engineers London are qualified to carry out inspection and diagnosis, as well as repair, maintenance and system design and installation. Inspection, servicing and repair should happen once a year for all properties with tenants – and of course it’s a good idea for domestic home owners to book regular services for their gas boilers and systems too.

For Landlords, the Gas Safety Certificate (the CP12) is required in order that your property is legally fit for renting to tenants. A gas engineers London service qualified to carry out the certification of gas appliances and systems in rented premises must be called before you can hand over the keys to your new tenants. If the gas engineer finds that your boiler or any part of your system is not up to certifiable standards, you’ll be able to rectify the problem before your tenants take possession.

For any property occupant, the most important gas engineers London service is the 24 hour emergency repair service. At some point every property with a gas main is going to experience problems that need immediate attention. A GAS SAFE registered company can rapidly isolate the problem and rectify it before it becomes dangerous.

If you think you smell a gas leak, you should call your gas engineers London service provider immediately. Do not turn on any electrical appliances, light switches or plug sockets. Don’t smoke or operate anything that sparks or has a naked flame. If you can smell gas in your home or building it is also a good idea to inform your neighbours.

Gas engineer services can command a broad range of final prices, depending on the nature of the service you need and the time at which you need it. You should be given a quote when you call, in the case of your requiring emergency gas engineers London services. For non urgent jobs like certification or new system design, you will be able to request a quote in advance.

Of course your heating isn’t the only thing in your house that may be connected to the gas main. If your cooker hobs or oven run on gas, you should also call the gas engineer for any problem. If you buy a new cooker and the shop that sells it to you is not qualified to install it, or does not offer installation as a service, your gas engineers London service should be able to fit it for you. You will need to dispose of the old unit in accordance with your local council rules.

A gas engineers London service provides a wide range of support for both domestic and commercial properties – from emergency 24 hour diagnosis and repair to the installation of new cookers.